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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.  Allow me to introduce myself, I am Eve M. Cooper, writer.  I began this blog to try and get my name out there.  Hopefully, we’ll get to know one another a little bit and maybe even bounce ideas off each other.  Many times, I don’t feel I have very much to say then, when I sit down and think a minute, usually something springs forth.  Here’s a little about me.  I’m a single, professional woman of 39.  I live and work in Raleigh, NC.  My 40 hour a week job is in computers and in my spare time, I write.  I have two pets, a dog named Reba and a cat named Dezi and we live comfortably and cozy in a townhome on the edge of the city.  Other than writing, I enjoy playing the piano, cooking, being outside (especially in the woods), gardening, and dancing.

I have written a book and it’s titled, And the Music Plays On.  It’s for sale in digital format as well as paperback.  Here’s the teaser:

Miss Margaret, a matriarchal figure in the quirky little southern town of Derbe, is a force to be reckoned with by all who cross her path.  Viewed by many in town as a prim and crusty elder to be tolerated, if not avoided, Miss Margaret feels her forty years of playing the grand old organ in the Methodist Church has embellished the lives of the congregation with love and joy.  In fact, she feels the organ contains a piece of her – the better part of her – that spreads love and joy far and wide within her community.  She is in love with the instrument, including every worn and failing piece of it.  Not surprisingly, she is shaken to her boots when she learns through the grapevine that plans are afoot to repair and modernize the church, including her beloved organ.  This is when the games begin – a tug of war between cherished history and the lure of the new.  It is grace and tradition against the new wannabe movers and shakers.  But the real battle is played out with wit and renewed vivacity by the little old lady who has occupied the organ bench for so many years.  Far more than mere resistance to change, Miss Margaret and her richly colorful friends set the town on its ear as they fight to preserve all that they hold dear.

And the Music Plays On is a microcosm of small town living told with a big dose of humor and wiliness, and a protagonist sure to delight anyone who loves the pluck and tenacity that can arise when still waters are ruffled.  An easy and delightful read that will leave you smiling.

I hope you will consider buying my book!  Oh, and please leave comments on this blog!  I am a comment junkie and get inspiration from my readers.

Eve M. Cooper


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