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Hmm . . . feathers. Tasty!

Ha! Ha! Listen to what happened a little while ago when I took Reba on a walk. (Reba is my rescued doggie who looks like an Australian Shepherd with short legs.) Usually, she stays beside me or in front of me. We were walking beside a lot of pine straw and I realized, she was behind me and wasn’t in any hurry to catch up. Hmm. I watched her. She was chewing something and some pine straw was sticking out the side of her mouth. Wait…she doesn’t eat pine straw…something may be stuck to the pine straw…shazam…NOT PINE STRAW. It was a dead, half-decayed blue jay and his hind feathers were sticking out of her mouth! I screamed at her, “Drop it!” She said, “No way Jose!” I told her to drop it again but I knew the command was futile. I reached down, grabbed the feathers sticking out of her mouth, yanked them (to hopefully yank the bird from her mouth) and the feathers just easily slipped out of the bird’s carcass. I almost vomited. Seriously! I almost could not hold back; but I did. I wasn’t able to get the bird out of Reba’s mouth and she swallowed it. We walked a lot after that because I thought she would get sick and I wanted her to get sick outside. No such luck. She seems to be digesting it fine. I have chicken wings thawing to bake tonight. I thought about my friend, Beth, who doesn’t eat chicken wings because sometimes they have tiny feathers still attached. Yummy. I’m not sure I will be able to eat chicken wings now. If even one of those wings has a feather on it, I won’t be able to get it down. I suppose I’ll give it to Reba. She doesn’t seem to mind feathers.


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