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Poem: Tired, Tattered Heart

Tired, tattered heart
what a journey it’s been.
Anguish wringing from the start,
how was I to know the misery waiting ‘round each bend.

How I wish I could foresee
the future before it’s pass —
alas a mortal hasn’t the key,
to trials in advance.

Trample me no more
take pity on my soul.
My battered heart is sore
and weary from merciless toll.

Please release me from your hold
I can stand no more I shout.
My exhausted psyche collapses and folds
from the weight, you’ve snuffed me out.


Poem: Sometimes, Life Is So Harsh

Sometimes, life is so harsh, it takes your breath away.
Darkness oppresses, evil miasma choking both night and day.
Victims flounder in viscous mire, binding the limbs and soul,
Zaps zeal and zest, robs the senses, weary from merciless toll.

Downtrodden: look and listen, though you may find it hard
In black abyss, look up and see, light piercing through the lard
It may take time, keep fighting the fight, things will change from dark and forlorn
Light will break through the cell of gloom, drenching anew, rebirth, reborn.

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